Sunday, August 28, 2011

stuff I like.

Hello my victims.
This is a whole bunch of stuff that I like.
1. Gypsy.
2. The piano.
3.My BJD's boots.
4. These things. They're called Emerald Witch dolls and they're made by Girl's World. They're from 1972.
5. A Folkmanis puppet named Reid.
6. Feathers. Going to be used in a weird headress thing I'm brainstorming.
7.Gypsy. Again.
8. A vintage stuffed animal named Bad Cat. I love him.
9. Mmmm.... Green beans.
10. A drawing by moi.
11. Nature. And, of course, the most important thing in the photo-Gypsy. She's in the background.

Yeah, there was more photos then this but Blogger couldn't handle the giant load of files I was giving it. D: sadness.
  Bye bye. Sorry for not posting in a long time,<3<3<3

Monday, August 15, 2011

bleikur tungl

Hello my victims. "Bleikur tungl" means "pink moon" in Icelandic, if you were wondering. Which is exactly what the photos look like. I actually took pictures of the full moon that happened the Saturday night before last and switched it to a Pop art filter on the camera to brighten it a little. The last one is a bit grainy and blurry, but eh, oh well.
 Poem time.

                                           Tunglið og sól
                                    { the moon and sun }
                                      hafa haft bjartari barn

                                    { have had a brighter child }
                                          þá ætti að vera
                                     { then there should be }
                                      Ský kónguló ofan
                                          og í kringum

                                     { clouds spider above, and around }
                                           halda henni öruggt
                                      { keeping her safe, }
                                           Frá kalt kalt nótt
                                       { from the cold, cold night }
                                   Stjörnurnar bíta í the mjúkur skel
                                        { stars bite into the soft shell }
                                                       og fela
                                                  { and hide } 
                                           sofa í vaxandi rauðu
                                           { sleep in the growing red } 
                                              og við verðum öll sterkari
                                         { and we all become stronger . }
                                                         Icelandic is gorgeous.