Monday, July 4, 2011

Unfortunate Opossums

Hello my victims. These two eye-bleedingly adorable creatures are baby opossums that we... Um... Became acquainted to last week. Well, our neighbors found them in their yard when their psychotic greyhound named Miles and the hulking Afghan hound named Rocco found them in the middle of the night with the opossum's mother, who ran away and left her babies helpless in the grass. One of our neighbors came out and picked them all up with a small shovel, to transport them out of their yard, but they all crawled off and went up onto the fence. The dogs were escorted back to the inside of their house, and unfortunately, Miles was so excited that he apparently lost control of his bowels. All over their house. Um, but anyways, sorry for that slightly grotesque information, moving on. In the morning, at about 7:47, I was called downstairs by my parents who had been informed of all that had happened. One of the opossums was still clinging to the fence(my dad took a picture of it, the photo is posted on my mom's blog)and another was under the pear tree bowing over the fence, who was doing the same. We didn't see the rest until later, when our lovely dog got a hold of one and laid it out delicately on our porch. Thanks, Gypsy. Another one was reported dead, I think, but I forget the causes. We found three in our yard, two nestled together near the fence, and another alone in the taller grass. In the first picture, you can see the other one's muzzle. He was busy trying to feebly hiss at me in an attempt to scare me away, while the other one was curled up tightly and probably trying to pretend he was dead. Same situation with the one on the bottom picture. So, um, yep. Pfft. Pretty morbid. 

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