Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turns out my BJD is a crossdresser.

Um, kidding. Sorry buddy.
 Helloooo my victims. This is my BJD(asian Ball-Jointed Doll, here's the wiki page for it, Yuuto. He's a Doll Family Nuada with the default faceup, and he doesn't really have much to wear besides a pair of home-made jeans and a shirt with a weird jacket-vest thing that I made him. So I decided to dress him up like a girl :D pfft he pulled it off pretty well, despite that he 's the opposite gender. He had this kind of angry expression on his face the entire time I was dressing him up, which was very amusing. Oh, and about last post, I couldn't take pictures of Gypsy with the Elizabethan collar. She had it taken off soon afterwards, sooo. If you haven't noticed yet,Yuuto got a pair of fancy new eyes. They're actually one red eye and one blue eye from two different sets, but whatever. I also got him a new wig and eyelashes(to replace the crap eyelashes he has now XD) so as soon as he gets all of that new stuff I'll try to take some photos. And I feel kind of guilty because I haven't bought him any new clothing besides the outfit my mom made him and the weird vest thingy. So I'll probably binge all my money out on some clothes for him. LOL bye.<333

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