Sunday, July 31, 2011

Black bird, red bird

Hello my victims. About two weeks ago we traveled to Houston, TX and stayed in a lovely hotel for three days. It was a very nice trip, we went to a wedding along with two art museums and a whole lot more. These two pictures are of a male Boat-tailed Grackle and a young Cardinal who sadly was splayed out near a window looking very dead. Must've hit it and broken its neck. D: buu. I got some good shots of it though. xD The Grackle was in the dining proportion of the Modern art museum and he was eating bits of a breadstick that I had given him. He was slightly distracted by my lens and got annoyed while I was taking photos. I have to say that I'm proud of how the downy feathers on the Cardinal turned out in the third picture.
....Yeah. Sorry for the short post, until next time, bye<333

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turns out my BJD is a crossdresser.

Um, kidding. Sorry buddy.
 Helloooo my victims. This is my BJD(asian Ball-Jointed Doll, here's the wiki page for it, Yuuto. He's a Doll Family Nuada with the default faceup, and he doesn't really have much to wear besides a pair of home-made jeans and a shirt with a weird jacket-vest thing that I made him. So I decided to dress him up like a girl :D pfft he pulled it off pretty well, despite that he 's the opposite gender. He had this kind of angry expression on his face the entire time I was dressing him up, which was very amusing. Oh, and about last post, I couldn't take pictures of Gypsy with the Elizabethan collar. She had it taken off soon afterwards, sooo. If you haven't noticed yet,Yuuto got a pair of fancy new eyes. They're actually one red eye and one blue eye from two different sets, but whatever. I also got him a new wig and eyelashes(to replace the crap eyelashes he has now XD) so as soon as he gets all of that new stuff I'll try to take some photos. And I feel kind of guilty because I haven't bought him any new clothing besides the outfit my mom made him and the weird vest thingy. So I'll probably binge all my money out on some clothes for him. LOL bye.<333

Monday, July 11, 2011

The traumatic Experience of a very bad dog and a chicken named Beauchamp

Hello my victims. I guess there's a lot to tell about this last weekend. Mainly circling around Dog. Alright. On Thursday, I think, our small rat terrier friend walked into the house with a slightly inflamed face. No, seriously. Not slightly, like, really puffed up. She had what looked like ant bites around her chest and armpits, and she was constantly gnawing and itching. It was both amusing and tragic. We thought that she was just having a simple allergic reaction, but it turned out she was a bit more sick than we expected. Even though her swelling went down she started, ehem, barfing and wouldn't get out of her humble bedchambers even for a piece of delectable sausage. This all happened in the span of about three and a half days, and in the early morning of the third day Mom brought her to the vet. She stayed there overnight, while we were anxiously scurrying to outing after outing to occupy our worried minds. We made ourselves sick with delicious Chinese food, got a rather large haul of library books, and spent the rest of the day praying to the dying rain gods of Austin to FREAKING GIVE US RAIN when the sky turned a turbulent gray color. And, of course, with no results. I spent most of my time lying on the floor listening to Bjork music, staring at the wall in a dumb stupor and reading random books from the library. We were all still focused on Dog for most of the time, murmuring worrisome thoughts to each other as the day stretched by languidly. Today, at exactly five-thirty something Mom went to pick up Dog. Apparently Dog was peeved to massive proportions and decided to start screaming at the top of her small dog lungs as the nurses politely carried her out to Mom. She is now home in a pile of pillows, heavily sedated and half-asleep. She is wearing a fashionable Elizabethan collar around her delicate neck,(aka plastic cone of death)and it's humiliating her, she hopes to get it off ASAP. She ate some turkey and dog food safely. She's on the mend.
 In other news, I have a small stuffed chicken I had brought from an art museum we traveled to on Saturday. His name is Beauchamp.
 Bye then<3 (I'll add pictures of Beau and Elizabethan Gypsy to an upcoming post soon.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Unfortunate Opossums

Hello my victims. These two eye-bleedingly adorable creatures are baby opossums that we... Um... Became acquainted to last week. Well, our neighbors found them in their yard when their psychotic greyhound named Miles and the hulking Afghan hound named Rocco found them in the middle of the night with the opossum's mother, who ran away and left her babies helpless in the grass. One of our neighbors came out and picked them all up with a small shovel, to transport them out of their yard, but they all crawled off and went up onto the fence. The dogs were escorted back to the inside of their house, and unfortunately, Miles was so excited that he apparently lost control of his bowels. All over their house. Um, but anyways, sorry for that slightly grotesque information, moving on. In the morning, at about 7:47, I was called downstairs by my parents who had been informed of all that had happened. One of the opossums was still clinging to the fence(my dad took a picture of it, the photo is posted on my mom's blog)and another was under the pear tree bowing over the fence, who was doing the same. We didn't see the rest until later, when our lovely dog got a hold of one and laid it out delicately on our porch. Thanks, Gypsy. Another one was reported dead, I think, but I forget the causes. We found three in our yard, two nestled together near the fence, and another alone in the taller grass. In the first picture, you can see the other one's muzzle. He was busy trying to feebly hiss at me in an attempt to scare me away, while the other one was curled up tightly and probably trying to pretend he was dead. Same situation with the one on the bottom picture. So, um, yep. Pfft. Pretty morbid.