Sunday, June 19, 2011


                 Veins of thoughts rail through my mind
                  The biting sting of boredom bides
                 hands of misapprehension tear frenziedly
                  Bloodied with the bitter wrong
                   Of a desperate grasp, a gallant struggle
                 Screaming with the strangled plea
                   For eminent ideas.
                  Stain the doggerel with disdain
                   Racking the ragged, weary brain
                  Screaming out in deep doldrums
                   For eminent ideas.
                   Tear your sparse hair; insufflate
                    Bleat bloody murder tinged with hate
                      Clasp through gasping coalescense
                          Of infuriating jadedness
                         Reap the mind of all good gist
                           For eminent ideas.
                          Slump upon the blessed cathedra
                            Loosen the rigid appendages
                              Sigh with rattling enervation
                                Unable for further exhaustion.
                                  Still, you seethe amongst your skull
                                  Erratic among the dulcet confines
                                Of the twisted, troubled mind
                                  Battered with the desperate search
                                     For eminent ideas.

lol. I had really bad writer's block before I wrote this. So um. Yeah...



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