Sunday, June 26, 2011

birds are kind of stupid

 Hello my victimssss. There's like, three million birds in our backyard, as I have discovered by sitting for half an hour in a chair in the middle of the yard. There's pretty much a flock of cardinals that was kind of swirling around me and screaming their heads off. There was a few wrens and sparrows that got really angry at me for no apparent reason and started trying to attack my head, and some mockingbirds that kept answering my random mock bird calls. The one that really got me was this big fat dove that was sitting on a stump in the other yard next to ours. He was doing this thing they do when they're trying to attract a female, where they, um, raise their lower end to the air and flip their tail up and down. I started making a really bad impersonation of a dove's cooing and he noticed me and started edging nearer to my direction. But, come on. Dude, I'm a human, a big giant thing with no fur or feathers who can't fly and doesn't bark, chirp, roar or growl or whatever. HE WAS THAT DESPERATE. So anyways, he thought that I was another dove and wanted to have cute little dove eggs with me. There was another dove that got his attention but he kind of ignored it and it flew away, and he got mad at another one who landed on a twig near him and attacked it. Etc. He was really pitiful though. He was doing his little tail flippy thing for the whole half hour I was sitting out there. I mean seriously, other doves, give the guy a chance. Pfff I guess he'll just stay forever alone.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


                 Veins of thoughts rail through my mind
                  The biting sting of boredom bides
                 hands of misapprehension tear frenziedly
                  Bloodied with the bitter wrong
                   Of a desperate grasp, a gallant struggle
                 Screaming with the strangled plea
                   For eminent ideas.
                  Stain the doggerel with disdain
                   Racking the ragged, weary brain
                  Screaming out in deep doldrums
                   For eminent ideas.
                   Tear your sparse hair; insufflate
                    Bleat bloody murder tinged with hate
                      Clasp through gasping coalescense
                          Of infuriating jadedness
                         Reap the mind of all good gist
                           For eminent ideas.
                          Slump upon the blessed cathedra
                            Loosen the rigid appendages
                              Sigh with rattling enervation
                                Unable for further exhaustion.
                                  Still, you seethe amongst your skull
                                  Erratic among the dulcet confines
                                Of the twisted, troubled mind
                                  Battered with the desperate search
                                     For eminent ideas.

lol. I had really bad writer's block before I wrote this. So um. Yeah...



Sunday, June 5, 2011

random poem GO

                   she steps into the flourishing terrace
                the burning aubade floodlights her sallow skin
                 she ascends her arms, succumbing into shaking
                  shaking, receding into shaking,                                                                                                                                          
                     to stop the world from
                       spinning; wheeling colors her eyes blink blink
                               like broken headlights
                              "Jessica!Jessica, it's me. Calm down. Stop."
                                      Turn around
                                   Her drawling wails drain away at her throat
                                       Jessica smiles.
                                   "I see you, I see you." 
                                       An explosion of boisterous laughter
                                         clinging to his chest
                                       hands twisting into the polyester
                                         rocking and laughing


Hello my victims. This is a random poem about an autistic girl named Jessica. Inspired by a book I read called Mockingbird. Highly recommended. It's about a girl with Asperger's. It's really interesting, especially since it's first person. Very cool book. Ehm. Yes. Anyways.

Bye<3<3 eeeeh short posts for the loose fff ohwell<3<3