Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello my victims. <3<3 Today I took a few pictures of my doll I made before we went to Boston. His name is Zuriel.(yeah I know, weird name, but it kind of stuck) His body is made from a pillowcase, and his hair is mohair stitched on. As you can see in the bottom picture it was a bit frizzy, I probably need to fix that.... Eh, too lazy... His face is embroidered on. His temporary outfit(which hardly fits him) is a MSD BJD's shirt and Groovy Girl pants. Funny story, when I was standing on a chair to get the box of doll clothing from off my bookshelf, I slipped and whacked the back of my head. It left a very large bruise. Bravo, Allie. Pfff. The shirt fits him fine, I guess, but his pants keep falling off. XD Poem time. Funny, whenever I can't think of anything else to write I always add in a poem. Oh well. Poems are fun. Derp.


                                                    In harmonious curvation
                                                       His head bends down
                                                         Hair crazed and mottled
                                                       Spine sloping
                                                   Gracefully, gorgeously
                                                      His face contorted
                                                         Lips frothing and spitting
                                                       As words string from his mouth
                                                         His voice bides and races out
                                                        Like a poisoned, rabid animal
                                                            rasping and reverberating
                                                    His body arches and contracts
                                             His bloody hands tearing at the strings of the guitar
                                                           He nods towards the audience
                                                    Towards the sea of arms and hands
                                                       Thrusting the microphone
                                                         The sea spits out a body
                                                       Who screams in the lyrics
                                                          Only to be sucked in
                                                             By the scrambling, lashing waves
                                                                 Lights burst through the windows
                                                           Sirens whining through the clamor
                                                                   Rough hands push through the sea
                                                               The waves wash and recede, scattering
                                                                Revealing armed policemen
                                                                      "Everyone's getting out of control,
                                                                            Break it up."
                                                                         His hands drop from his guitar
                                                                           He smiles raggedly, his eyes beam
                                                                              The song is over.



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