Friday, May 13, 2011

Boston :D

 Hello my victims.  Oh jeez.  A lot to talk about today.  Well, last week my family and me went on a GINORMOUS vacation to Boston, MA.  Okay, so it wasn't that long (a week pfff).  But it seemed like it to me.  I'm a travel N00b.  We went on a plane, which is another first for me and it was really awesome except for that it gave me a headache.  Me and Pat were like giggling insanely on one flight and probably annoyed the heck out of everyone a short distance away from where we were sitting.  LOL.  Anyways, we stayed in a tiny house in the North End called a spite house, otherwise referred to as "Skinny House."  It was, um, skinny.  We kept randomly bumping our heads on stuff.  A little ways down the street was a bakery called Bova's, and we went there every freaking day, which kind of got sickening after a while.  There was the USS Constitution, this big wooden ship.  Yeah pretty descriptive, right?  But really, it was cool.  Go read my brother's blog if you want extra knowledge on it.  I'm too lazy to write about a giant wooden boat.  Ehem.  There was also an aquarium.  That was pretty awesome because there was penguins that were really, really loud.  I'm not kidding.  This species called the Fairy penguin, the tiniest species of penguin on earth, had this combination of a shrieking cat crossed with a donkey and the sound of rusted metal scratching on a chalkboard, autotuned.  But somehow, all of that added to their penguiny charm.   There was this one Rockhopper penguin that got mad at one of the people feeding them and started biting her feet. It was amusing. We also went to a modern art museum. There was a really good exhibit about records, and this one display set up about this guy: My mom was totally cracking up about it. Okeydoke that was a quick summary of our Boston vacation, too lazy to write anything else asdfghj. XD bye<3<3

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