Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fingers trace

Helloooo my victims. I took a few pictures today of a bee eating a mulberry and a firewheel flower. I also got a Facebook account. Yep.ANYWAYS yesterday I went to Dragon's Lair with one of my friends to learn how to play D&D (AKA Dungeons and Dragons) and it was, uh, interesting. I had a pretty good time besides the fact that the gaming room smelled like rotting fish, and they failed to cover it up with heavy air freshener. Meh. Here's a poem.

        Fingers trace
       Athwart the scabrous surface
    of the splintered
      school desk
  like the spilled lukewarm coffee
in slopping disgorge
running from the upturned mug like a dark river

   full of dregs

Derp. I don't know why I wrote that poem because I don't even go to school so LOL. 
Okay bai <3<3<3

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