Monday, March 14, 2011


 XD hello my victims.Uh,do you remember when I talked about these little fuzzy caterpillars that I had found in the garden??Well,it's been,like,eight months since I found them and I thought they had never made it to....Cocoonhood or whatever,and died.On Saturday,though,I looked in the butterfly thingy that I was keeping them in and I saw a couple moths.Weird.And it's not just weird that they hatched out after all that time,but because they all hatched on the SAME FREAKING DAY.Weirder still,I found a little bunch of eggs too.So now I'm going to raise the caterpillars that come out of the eggs.Yay happy ending.Oh yeah,and in other news,I adopted a giant grub.My friend and I are guessing that he is either a Hercules beetle,Ox beetle,or a Stag beetle.His name is Odin. :D bye bye
OH P.S.!!!!If any of you haven't heard about the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan,then you can donate here.I think it would really help people out,even just a little ): Bye again<3

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