Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beginning of a story

     London is full of activity, thought Anise, but why today?  The wind is fierce, whipping the rain into everybody's faces;  the roads are slick with grimy sleet and ice... And the sky is dark, the sun a sparse, faded glow, she thought gloomily.  "I should think that all of them would eventually get weary of the bothersome weather and move indoors," she reasoned to herself.  "Did you say something, Anise, dear?"  called a husky voice from the hallway.  It was her grandmother.  "Nothing, Gram," Anise answered loudly, and was quieted by her father, Mr. Ellis, with an annoyed "Shhhh."  "Anise, it is not ladylike to shout in such an ignoble manner,"  he whispered fiercely.  "But Father dear - " she began saying sweetly.  "Shhhh!  I'm listening to your sister."  Anise pursed her lips, annoyed.  She arose from her seating by the window and marched to her room as dramatic as possible.  When she reached the door she crept cautiously back and peered through the archway leading to the drawing room to see her father.  She scowled seeing that he was unfazed by her act.  As she stormed into her room she heard the shattering sound of her little sister playing the violin.  Sighing languidly, she shut her door hurridly, not wanting to hear any more of it.  She wondered how Father could bear it.

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