Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A bizzare Hairstreak

Hello my victims!Oh,what's that I hear?Your cries of joy for me finally putting a photo on by blog after weeks!?!?!Ohohohoho!!Well then,this butterfly is a hairstreak(strymon melinus)...I think.First of all,this picture was taken after a stream of weird happenings that were purely out of luck.It was almost 5:30 pm,and I was sitting on my swing bored out of my mind when I saw this clump of red and bluish gray shoot into the grass.I went to go see what it was,thinking that it was some kind of beetle(?!?).It was actually two of these guys...Um...Quite frankly,being nasty together.They fell apart and I was stunned,because when I picked both of them up,they didn't fly away.They just kind of sat there.I put both of them down in the place where I wanted to take the picture but one finally flew away and the other fell into the grass.Dang,I thought.A great stoke of luck for a photographer like me gone..I knelt down and ran my fingers through the grass,annoyed.Bingo!I saw a flash of iridescence and I found one of them.I picked her(look,it might of been a he but I'll just call it a female because no one cares)up and put her down."Stay here,"I told her nervously.(Yes,I talk to bugs....)She looked at me like"What the heck?!?"But did what I told her.I ran in and mumbled something to my immobile mom about the camera and grabbed it.I ran out again and took a few shots but all of them sucked,so I ran in again.I needed something...More professional for this.So I went into my brother's room without knocking and grabbed a bigger camera.Ignoring his aggravation I escaped outside and found her waiting for me.I only got to take a few more pictures before she flew away,but this one came out really well.But I'm confused.Most hairstreaks have red and blue markings on the wings,not blue and green.(Oh well,you've got to admit that she's awesome looking)I think this one was basking in the sun when I took this picture because she kept turning sideways,trying to face it.Yes,butterflies bask.Bye then<3<3

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beginning of a story

     London is full of activity, thought Anise, but why today?  The wind is fierce, whipping the rain into everybody's faces;  the roads are slick with grimy sleet and ice... And the sky is dark, the sun a sparse, faded glow, she thought gloomily.  "I should think that all of them would eventually get weary of the bothersome weather and move indoors," she reasoned to herself.  "Did you say something, Anise, dear?"  called a husky voice from the hallway.  It was her grandmother.  "Nothing, Gram," Anise answered loudly, and was quieted by her father, Mr. Ellis, with an annoyed "Shhhh."  "Anise, it is not ladylike to shout in such an ignoble manner,"  he whispered fiercely.  "But Father dear - " she began saying sweetly.  "Shhhh!  I'm listening to your sister."  Anise pursed her lips, annoyed.  She arose from her seating by the window and marched to her room as dramatic as possible.  When she reached the door she crept cautiously back and peered through the archway leading to the drawing room to see her father.  She scowled seeing that he was unfazed by her act.  As she stormed into her room she heard the shattering sound of her little sister playing the violin.  Sighing languidly, she shut her door hurridly, not wanting to hear any more of it.  She wondered how Father could bear it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can't think of a title

Hello my victims!!Today I got my hair cut which is kind of nice but I also got a LOLcats account.Sadly,that site melts my brain if I spend too much time on it but whatever.I read the newest Warriors book,and if you don't know what it is it's a series about cats and it's by Erin Hunter.Erin Hunter is a fictional person,it's actually a group of three women.Suprise!Pfft.Eh.I suddenly have a strange urge to go sew something.Or go look at LOLcats.By the way,here's my account:http://cheezburger.com/ihavedogseyes/lolz 


Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow!?!?In Austin!!?!?!?!?!

So...Hello my victims.
OMG.It snowed and it almost never does that here in Austin but oh hurray,it did this winter.Whee.For some reason I didn't take any pictures,I know,fail,but eh,I think everyone reading this knows what snow looks like.Maybe.But anyways,watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhk_S0HyQp4 Regina Spektor is awesome.As I've said before in previous posts (: I'm making some kind of a stream of tiny blog posts.I don't really write enough anymore like I used to but every now and then I do so yep...Bye<3


Thursday, February 3, 2011


My BJD,Yuuto,and a mirror.I made the vest he's wearing.Bye then<3<3