Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back

Aaaaaand....*drum roll*HELLO MY VICTIMS!!!I'M BACK FROM THE DEAAAAD!!!Yep,on November 29th I turned 13 yrs old.It was a nice little celebration but that is far into the past now,because I finally got a BJD and he is so scary and blue and dead-looking and AWESOME.I took some pictures of him (: Oh yes,and why I didn't post so frequently for so very very long is because that I was having a giant break.In other words,I was too busy being lazy to fill your brains with joy fff.And I wrote a poem too.

With sleet and sweat running off of twitching shoulders;
      Eyes rolling
        Unshod hooves
           Trapping pebbles
        Chipping boulders
           Hoarse whinny
   In a piercing,ringing treble.
      The name of her pursuer
    Is unknown
   At the moment-
   But her own name is grating on her ears,
Flat to her head.
  The touch of the whip
 Which had stirred
 Her sanity
And the rip
Of leather to flesh
And the oils on his soiled hands.
The sound
 Of the snow under hoof
And underfoot
And the taste
  Of the sleet

And the sweat.

bye bye<3

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