Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello my victims,yesterday I went to my friend's birthday party and there were three activities to do,canoeing(I can't believe I spelled that right)archery and paintball.OH YEAH.There were 3 teams,the green team, the orange team,and the purple team.Me and Pat and Christopher were on the purple team.The first activity was canoeing,and we split into groups of and Christopher were together in our boat and guess what,TOTAL CHAOS.We were kind of drifting around aimlessly for a while,sometimes we bumped into some other boats.All the while shouting at each other.Then came archery.That was interesting.And some kid attacked a bee.Nope,not much to say about archery.It was fun though.Then came paintball.Before we started Mom came up and seemed a little unsure that we would like it but we decided we wanted to stay.We had to wear these masks that smelled really really bad on the inside and our guns were really heavy for some reason.Then when the battle started my gun jammed up and I got shot. D: When you get shot you raise your hand up so people hold their fire,but even when I did that I got shot again.Daaaaaaaaaaaaang.On the second round I just hid behind something and shot up everything,like pew pew pew pew pew.Then it was over and we went to get pizza.I leik.Bye<3<3<3

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