Friday, October 15, 2010

Eulalia!By Brian Jacque

Hello my victims,I'm going to write about a book called Eulalia!By Brian Jacques.Most of Brian Jacques's books are fantasy, all of the characters in the books are animals after all so duh.The time and place..Well,if they were all human I'd say it would be about 1600,maybe.They might be in England or Ireland,because there's so many wooded areas.Gorath,a young badger with an alarming scar on his face,is the protagonist of the story,though a lot of characters are focused on.Including Maudie,a boisterous hare who is always hungry,a common theme for hares to have in his books.And there's Lord Asheye,the blind badger lord,who was an unusual character to be a protagonist.Some of the other major characters in the book were Vizka Longtooth,of course.He's the antagonist,and without him the story wouldn't get anywhere.He's a golden fox,and he would probably be a beautiful animal if he wasn't so bad.Then there's Asio,a great horned owl who is Maudie's companion for a little while.He's kind of frightening to a lot of the animals because he's so big and intimidating.The book has some dark moments,but mostly it's a light novel.The summary of the plot is for Gorath to defeat Vizka Longtooth and travel to Salamandastron,the home of the badger lords.I believe that the author's propose of all of his books is to inspire that even the most "inferior" person can become anything he or she wants to.He may have achieved that goal,but if he didn't he  probably didn't care because he was having so much fun writing.(I totally admire him,pfffft)One of the strengths of them is the way he could describe things so vividly.The weaknesses of his books are that they are a little repetitive,but that doesn't really matter because once you are caught up in them,you barely notice,I guess.My overall response is that they are excellent books for younger people who want a good fantasy book to get sucked into!Well,that's all for now.Bye<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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