Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Regina Spektor and little butterflies

Hello my victims,these are some photos I took today of a common skipper and a hairstreak.The skipper was pretty easy to take but the hairstreak was really mean.
Allie:Nooo!Come back,i need to take your picture...*Sob*
hairstreak:hehehehe,I'm never coming baaaack~

 Ugh.Evil hairstreak.So yeah,sorry if these pictures are crap.Ooooh I have a filthy mouth.By the way,watch this.I freakin' love Regina Spektor.YOU LOVE HER TOO,YES?!?!?!!!!!11Pfft.Anyways,Regina is busy writing the music for this musical called "Beauty"it's supposed to be Sleeping Beauty except in the modern world and it's gonna come out in either 2011-2012.Buuu I'll be old by then.Anyways,bye<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fluffy little lovies

Hello my victims!!I'm happy because there are these little fluffy caterpillars that are all over the place in the yard and they're super duper cute.I  think they might be woolly bear caterpillars but I'm not too sure.I collected a whole bunch so yeah.... :D Pfft joy.I can't wait until they all hatch out,gonna be awesome...Woolly bear caterpillars have said to predict the weather.Nothing to say here.But yeah once they hatch I'll take me some photos and put them on the bloggie(OMG I invented a word)so yeah bye<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween love

Hello my victims,I'm in the process of making my Halloween costume and OMG it's gonna be so cool derp derp derp.It's based off of a character from a story I'm writing named Raaf.He's basically lost his mind,wears a black blazer with kid gloves and a strange mask that resembles a raven's skull with ram horns.He has long brown hair that goes down to his waist and dark green eyes,almost black.He lives in a big gray mansion all by himself.He needs a hug. D: Umm anyways,as soon as I finish the first chapter of the story I'll put it on the blog so yup.Oh yeah and I'll put pictures of my costume and my friends and stuffs and by the way in Sweden Halloween is kind of linked to this festival called Samhain.The name is derived roughly from the old Irish word "summer's end."To celebrate Samhain,young men dressed up as "spirits"and wore white clothes,wearing masks,veils,or blackened faces along with that.Bonfires were lit,and sometimes as a ritual,two of them were built side by side and people and their livestock would walk between them for good luck.Well,that's all for now,bye bye<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eulalia!By Brian Jacque

Hello my victims,I'm going to write about a book called Eulalia!By Brian Jacques.Most of Brian Jacques's books are fantasy, all of the characters in the books are animals after all so duh.The time and place..Well,if they were all human I'd say it would be about 1600,maybe.They might be in England or Ireland,because there's so many wooded areas.Gorath,a young badger with an alarming scar on his face,is the protagonist of the story,though a lot of characters are focused on.Including Maudie,a boisterous hare who is always hungry,a common theme for hares to have in his books.And there's Lord Asheye,the blind badger lord,who was an unusual character to be a protagonist.Some of the other major characters in the book were Vizka Longtooth,of course.He's the antagonist,and without him the story wouldn't get anywhere.He's a golden fox,and he would probably be a beautiful animal if he wasn't so bad.Then there's Asio,a great horned owl who is Maudie's companion for a little while.He's kind of frightening to a lot of the animals because he's so big and intimidating.The book has some dark moments,but mostly it's a light novel.The summary of the plot is for Gorath to defeat Vizka Longtooth and travel to Salamandastron,the home of the badger lords.I believe that the author's propose of all of his books is to inspire that even the most "inferior" person can become anything he or she wants to.He may have achieved that goal,but if he didn't he  probably didn't care because he was having so much fun writing.(I totally admire him,pfffft)One of the strengths of them is the way he could describe things so vividly.The weaknesses of his books are that they are a little repetitive,but that doesn't really matter because once you are caught up in them,you barely notice,I guess.My overall response is that they are excellent books for younger people who want a good fantasy book to get sucked into!Well,that's all for now.Bye<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Monday, October 11, 2010

A false katydid

Hello my victims,YAY PICTURE TIIIIME!!This guy is a subspeices of a katydid,the false katydid(Yeah,real creative scientists)which I've never actually seen before and I got to hold it,hehe I so lucky.But yeah he was really cool and really photogenic.Even though he pooped on my hand.Derp,whoops.False katydid's diets consist of twigs and leaves,which would be a problem if they came in flocks.That would be extremely rare,though,because they tend to live alone most of the time in meadows or tall grass.That's one of the reasons that they are hidden from humans.Anyways,I'm done,byebyebye<3<3<3<3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello my victims,today I'll write about a book called Murkmere by Patrica Elliot.This is a book about a girl named Aggie who has kind of a normal,boring life in this little village.She never thought of questioning about the rule of The Ministration or the awesome power of "the divine beings"-birds.The master of the manor nearby the village,Gilbert Tunstall,sends for the girl to become a lady's companion to Mistress Leah,his ward.Leah has pretty much lost her mind.She has wild mood swings,as in where she finds a the skin of a swan and treasures it like it was alive.Quote from page 133 and 134:
'"I'm going to wear it at my ball.It will make an excellent wrap."
She brought the disgusting thin closer still,so that it was almost under my nose and I could see the wet feathers all stuck together.There was one feather glued to the side of her mouth as if she'd brought the bundle to her lips."Don't you see what it is?"She said."It's a swanskin."I recoiled."You'd wear a dead swan on your own back?You know that's sacrilege.You must be mad!"
There was a terrible silence.I'd gone too far.Then she darted toward me,the outstretched fingers of her free hand,pallid and wrinkled from the cold water,poking at my face,and her teeth bared in a hideous grimace."Mad?Perhaps I am!"
I backed away,frightened,a hand to my open mouth,shaking my head feebly,until I reached the door.
And all the way to my room I was followed by peals of her delighted laughter."
 Leah has a weird bond to the swans,and is yearning to escape the mansion,Murkmere.The master hides sacreligious books and a dangerous-looking machine in the mansion's watch tower.Salias,the powermongering steward,seems more suspicious then anyone in Murkmere.As preparations begin for the grand ball celabrating Leah's birthday,Aggie becomes further and further involved with the dark plotting and secrets that surround the mansion,and she desperately searches for a way to save herself and Leah from the fatal betrayal that awaits them.You should really check this book out;It's both haunting and tragic,and Patrica Elliot's flowing style of writing makes it an impressive novel.Bye then<3<3<3<3

Monday, October 4, 2010

Roosevelt's Weed

Hello my victims.I was going to take a picture but I didn't because it was too bright outside and stuff so sorry.Anyways I was outside and i was gonna take a snapshot of this Texas marigold that was out there but it was really funny because there's this weed that's growing in the center of our garden,but it's infested with bees and insects so we decided not to cut it down.I leaned down to take the photo,but a bee was right in my ear so I turned around and there was a green anole staring at me from the plant.The weed is called a Roosevelt's weed and for some reason it's not on wikepedia.Oh well.Bye then<3<3

Friday, October 1, 2010


                                                        wings that block the sun
                              battling the breeze
                                                       hath left thee
                                                                                and torn
                                                                                   from flight
                                                               on flowering plants


 hehehe I wrote a poem<3bye<3<3<3<3