Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica

Hello my victims...I read this book last night called Here There Be Dragons:Chronicles Of The Imaginarium Geographica and I know the name sounds dorky but it was really an amazing book.It's about John,Jack and Charles,these young guys who live in Oxford,London are all brought together by this book called The Imaginarium Geographica,which is an atlas of all the places that have ever been in any myth,fairy tale,etc.On the day before the murder of the caretakerfor this book,the men learn that now they have to protect the atlas from the Winter King,the protagonist who is slowly biding strength in the newly discovered world.After gaining one of just seven ships that can teleport them to that world,they set out to find the Winter King and stop him before he creates a deathless army of Shadow-borns,a race of dark,cloaked figures that no living force  can defeat.You should check it out,really.Random fact:J.R.R tolkien didn't like Alice in Wonderland.In Quote,he described them as "amusing but quite disturbing."Derp.Bye bye<3<3<3

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello my victims,I took some pictures yesterday so here they are.It was really good weather for taking photos because it wasn't to hot out and there weren't two million mosquitoes landing on me and eating me up.Eh, but if you live in Austin you've got to get used to them after a while.It was weird though because it was really sunny and bright but it started pouring down rain thirty seconds later.It kept going on and off like that for the whole day.Oh well.Derp.I was sick a few days ago and it was unpleasant.But now I'm better.HUZZAH.Sune-ku means snake in Japanese.Ok bye then<3

Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston trip!

Hello my victims!!I went on vacation to Houston,TX and it was so coool...I went to this awesome art museum and my favorite painting there was this one where this angel was killing the devil so he could go to hell,whatever..But it was awesome because it looked like it was popping out of its frame..It had this cool 3D effect.Derp.Loved the entire museum.They're setting up a sculpture by Alexander Calder and we got to see the process.It was awesome looking,I can't wait to see what it looks like when they're done setting it up...!!Alexander Calder was this guy who was born in November 22,1898 and he's famous because he invented the mobile.When he was in the fourth grade,he made a duck and a dog out of sheet brass that was given to him as a Christmas gift.The duck was kinetic because it rocked when tapped gently.These sculptures are cited frequently as an example of his early talents.Anyways,I also went to the science museum and saw this shell that looked like a nautilus shell,but it actually wasn't really a shell at all.It was this thing that female octopi make,and then they lay their eggs in it.After that, they ride around inside it to protect the babies till they hatch.D'awww.So cute.Wow,I wrote a lot,huh?I get a cookie.Bye bye<3<3<3<3<3<3

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello my splendiforous (I invented a word)victims, how are you today?This is going to be a really long,random post so brace yourselves.I like the band Azure Ray.Almost no one knows about it but heck,I love it.Another thing is that Satoshi Kon,the maker of a whole bunch of anime movies that I love like Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers died on August 24th 2010.Buuuuuu..... D: But yeah R.I.P Satoshi-sama you were awesome.*bangs head on keyboard*aeghbaqgte4hj.Now then.You should check out this design station called PokedStudio and they do either hand-drawn illustrations or digital art,and they ROCK.Found 'em on Sweetstation,a cool website about art and other stuff.Huh.The difference between herons and cranes is that they fly with their necks outstretched,not pulled back.That was shorter than I expected.Bye<3<3

Friday, September 3, 2010


Hello my victims.Ok,so I finally chose which BJD I want and he is a Dikadoll Vern.He's really cool but soooo expensive!!When I actually get him which will be on Christmas I will name him Lorri.GAH I can't wait until then asdgfhfd buuuuuuuu.Jibberish is awesome.Did you know that a BJD factory called Custom House's dolls were used in a korean horror movie called Doll Master.Yeah.Bye bye<3<3<3<3