Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hyperness and a movie

Wait for it..Wait..For..It...Hello my victims!!!!!!!!!!(10 exclamation points)How are all of you blokes doing today!?!?I'm doing mighty fine if you ask me,but,I mean I have no idea what's wrong with all of you human beans out there.Any deaths in the family?Find a new TV show?Tomato?Potato?Okay.Okay.I'll stop.I'm just so.......Incredibly hyperactive.Except I'm always like that.Ah.Umm..Oh,I know.Watch "Millennium actress."It's such an awe-inspiringly good movie you won't believe your eyes.It's directed by Satoshi Kon,and it's just so awesome.Ok.I'm done.Gotta go ice skating now;Bye bye! bon voyage..!Ok whatever bye.

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