Friday, May 28, 2010

Webkinz and AquaPets

Hello my victims!Nothing really exciting happening at the moment...Pfft sorry...Does any of you like webkinz?It's this website where you can buy a stuffed animal,submit the link that's on its tag,and you can play games,buy virtual clothing and gifts,and do lots more stuff.Sounds great,hmmm?Well IT ISN'T.Webkinz and this computer I am typing on at the moment are not friends.So many times can I remember typing in my password,typing in the code,and...All what I get is a freaking "Please wait..Technical difficulties...Please wait......"Maybe I should wait for my webkinz to get sick and die.You can actually do that,If you really want to.Oh,and there's also Aqua pets.Aqua pals?Whatever.They're these things that are kinda like those tamagochi things,but WORSE.
feed it,it grows bigger,turn the game off for a break,turn it back on, AND IT'S FREAKING TINY AGAIN!!11Then you have to start all over again.And I never really understood the options thing either.The thing you're
taking care of is either a fish,a dolphin,or a jellyfish.You're supposed to change it's tank every day,but in the options bar,I couldn't find the "Change tank"logo,so he got sick and died.No,actually,it just says that your pet "left"Because you weren't taking care of it properly.
I-I dunno.I think that both of those games,handheld or programmed,are both kind of unfair,if not hauntingly familiar.

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