Monday, May 24, 2010

....Wait, What?

Okay...last night all of us watched the last episode of LOST and....Uh, I'm still wondering WHAT JUST FREAKING HAPPENED?! So I guess that the church that everyone was in and they were all happy there..Was like some kind of purgatory and they all went poof when Jack died?But....But then what happened to everyone on that other airplane,like Sawyer,Kate and Hurley and Ben and Clare and...Wait, what about that Frank LaPitabread dude or whatever,did he ever get to see his family again?...And isn't Kate,Hurley,Ben and Sawyer in the church too,so when the people in the other airplane land in modern society what will happen? Oh,and isn't that Richard guy from 16th century Spain?! How is he gonna cope with civilization?! Heh...I'd like to see a show where there's a big train crash and there's all these people who get stuck on some abandoned town...They could call it "Stranded".THAT would be cool.Anyways, I don't think I'll ever understand that needs way,way too much brain power...I think I'll go and watch me some good old anime instead...


  1. um... hurley and ben were not on the plane
    (the hydra island one)

  2. No but Kate and Claire were, so the point stands.