Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back again

Hello again my beloved victims! I'm back from rock climbing and it was cool so, yeah, here I am.
<---Dahaha here I am I'm so awsome.I was SO HIGH UP.Nahh,I'm lying,It wasn't that high.Oh, and by the way,on the way to my friend's house yesterday I was listening to the radio and I heard the cutest song and I was like hey what's this?And I was captivated.I LOVED this song I was hearing on the radio and I was about to shout out,"What in god's name is this song?"When BAM the song stopped in the middle and it said,"Chipotle's.Find the one for you."I fell for a freaking commercial jingle.For Chipotle's.A restaurant that I DESPISE,and..And..Dang it,I'll look up the song on youtube.What the hell.

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