Monday, May 31, 2010


It's..Soo..Hot..!H-hello my victims.I really want to go to the pool but that's Mom's decision so oh well,I can just suffer,I'm good.This doll is named Kaeru,say hi Kaeru.She's a vintage Dollikins doll made by Uneeda.I like these dolls because they're posable,and they go well with my collection of vintage dolls.Pfft this post was so short but too bad see you next time!!!Bye<3

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Boa V.S.Python.Say no more.
As soon as I get my hands on a boa constrictor,I'm going to watch the whole FREAKIN' thing with him.
Okay.this movie is about this guy and his girlfriend that accidentally set free a giant python (woopsies)so this other guy,who also has a giant snake named Betty,sets her free after the other giant snake.They have some kind of epic battle in this water treatment plant,and Betty looses.Then they find out that Betty crawled away,so they all go off to look for Betty.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Webkinz and AquaPets

Hello my victims!Nothing really exciting happening at the moment...Pfft sorry...Does any of you like webkinz?It's this website where you can buy a stuffed animal,submit the link that's on its tag,and you can play games,buy virtual clothing and gifts,and do lots more stuff.Sounds great,hmmm?Well IT ISN'T.Webkinz and this computer I am typing on at the moment are not friends.So many times can I remember typing in my password,typing in the code,and...All what I get is a freaking "Please wait..Technical difficulties...Please wait......"Maybe I should wait for my webkinz to get sick and die.You can actually do that,If you really want to.Oh,and there's also Aqua pets.Aqua pals?Whatever.They're these things that are kinda like those tamagochi things,but WORSE.
feed it,it grows bigger,turn the game off for a break,turn it back on, AND IT'S FREAKING TINY AGAIN!!11Then you have to start all over again.And I never really understood the options thing either.The thing you're
taking care of is either a fish,a dolphin,or a jellyfish.You're supposed to change it's tank every day,but in the options bar,I couldn't find the "Change tank"logo,so he got sick and died.No,actually,it just says that your pet "left"Because you weren't taking care of it properly.
I-I dunno.I think that both of those games,handheld or programmed,are both kind of unfair,if not hauntingly familiar.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kiichi love

Hello my splendiferous victims I am here to tell you (actually I'm here because my mom told me to)that I found this cool new manga called "Kiichi and the magic books"and I adore it.I won't tell you anything else about it,because that would spoil the awsomeness of these.Read them.Plz.And also,my mom might let me go to a local Austin ComiCon,witch is this thing where you can cosplay and get more manga and..If I go,it's gonna be great.Bye<3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back again

Hello again my beloved victims! I'm back from rock climbing and it was cool so, yeah, here I am.
<---Dahaha here I am I'm so awsome.I was SO HIGH UP.Nahh,I'm lying,It wasn't that high.Oh, and by the way,on the way to my friend's house yesterday I was listening to the radio and I heard the cutest song and I was like hey what's this?And I was captivated.I LOVED this song I was hearing on the radio and I was about to shout out,"What in god's name is this song?"When BAM the song stopped in the middle and it said,"Chipotle's.Find the one for you."I fell for a freaking commercial jingle.For Chipotle's.A restaurant that I DESPISE,and..And..Dang it,I'll look up the song on youtube.What the hell.

Way too sleepy

Ughh hello my victims....I'm..Sleepy.I came back from violin lessons a few hours ago and it's cool..As soon as I learn how to play the violin I'm gonna learn how to play the cello...That'll be awsome.
Bleh,so sleepy.Oh, and today I got the most manga I have ever received from the library,EVER.Like,a stunning amount.We're going rock climbing right after I do this blog post so I gotta go.Bye.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awsome youtube singer

Here's the link


Hehehe hello my victims!!Today the topic 'em.Especially those local ones that you can see live, like, every other night (though I've never seen any of them live SOMEDAY I WILL.)
W00t for "Cage the elephant" and "Flaming lips"...Both really cool bands...Oh, and "Spoon" is a good one too."The neon trees"...I love them.God,I love all bands that play on 101.5.Look it up on teh internetz,NOW.Plz.Ok gotta go bye bye.<3

Oh,and I apologize,I goofed on last n.c.c post so yeah..God, my brain still hurts from watching that episode...Bye

Monday, May 24, 2010

....Wait, What?

Okay...last night all of us watched the last episode of LOST and....Uh, I'm still wondering WHAT JUST FREAKING HAPPENED?! So I guess that the church that everyone was in and they were all happy there..Was like some kind of purgatory and they all went poof when Jack died?But....But then what happened to everyone on that other airplane,like Sawyer,Kate and Hurley and Ben and Clare and...Wait, what about that Frank LaPitabread dude or whatever,did he ever get to see his family again?...And isn't Kate,Hurley,Ben and Sawyer in the church too,so when the people in the other airplane land in modern society what will happen? Oh,and isn't that Richard guy from 16th century Spain?! How is he gonna cope with civilization?! Heh...I'd like to see a show where there's a big train crash and there's all these people who get stuck on some abandoned town...They could call it "Stranded".THAT would be cool.Anyways, I don't think I'll ever understand that needs way,way too much brain power...I think I'll go and watch me some good old anime instead...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is Stitches.Wonderful,is he not?

Hello there my victims

My name is Allison Mcnally and this a freaking blog,created by of course freaking me,who doesn't have a hairless cat and wants one SO FREAKING BAD.I love cheese.I also want a pet boa constricter who I would name Jerry.But then he would eat my cat.Eh, oh well, I'd still love him.